Sienna X forcing loyalty cards?


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Apr 24, 2011
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I was in capital today randomly browsing the sienna spray tan stuff and saw the pre/aftercare cards. On the back it says have 4 tans get 5th free. I really didn't like that because what if you dont want to do that? Or is it the standard thing that you should be doing now?

I personally don't believe in giving anything for free and my loyalty cards have buy 9 get 10th treatment half price.

What are your thoughts on this?

Also what do you all think of the new golden bottles? x
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Personally I don't like that when a major company dictates to you what to do! What happened to freedom of choice!
I don't do any tans for free, I don't generally do any kind of discount for returning customers either. some may wonder why? & my answer is because I don't charge the earth to begin with (£15) so why do I want to give freebies away.

It's not affected my business up to now, so I shall keep it this way.

I've said it before on salon geek, if for example you did do the loyalty offer of 'have 4 tans & get your 5th for free' what happens if all your clients want to claim 'the 5th for free' all in the same week? do you not earn anything that week? :eek:
how do you geeks work with that? x
I offer loyalty cards which incorporate all my treatments. I do 50% discount (up to £30 off) after having 6 treatments.
Is is a bit annoying when someone uses the offer-especially when I have forgotten!, but its rarely in the same week and clients love it. They feel like you appreciate their custom and everyone loves a discount.
Have the loyalty card but don't use them as i have a salon loyalty card. I use the sienna x tri fold leaflets for Pre tan and after tan advice.

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I think loyalty cards are a fantastic opportunity to give something back to your clients but it should be your choice what you want to offer. Ie if you want to offer something free or a reduced treatment to allow you to introduce your clients to other treatments ur offering. The list of options is endless but it should be your choice.
The ones we are using have got the boxes do you can tick or stamp them but You can choose what you want to offer your clients so you are very flexible.
There is definatley milage in utolizing some form of loyalty scheme to your customers...such internal promotions are effectivley free to advertise and promote your buisness very effectivley...given that cost of treatment is in the order of 10% this is quiet a cheap means of promotion..

Indeed ive just cashed in my loyalty points from my credit card and enjoyed buying some treats today using them...It felt good...and so will it with your customers
In terms of weather the brand you uses on there sugested promotions are concerned...well if you dont like or agree with there promo idea...well dont uses it and simply come up with your own

Unfortunatley us manufacturers can only produce ready printed cards that would suit the majority

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