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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi, just wanted to ask how may of you have a sink in your treatment room??

and if you dont

What kind of set up do you have, jug and bowl ? for facials/pedi's/mani's

And how many times do you find that you leave your client on their own during a treatment ?

and if you are doing a body treatment, and you dont a shower, do you just use a larger bowl?

I would love a sink in the treatment room tho we do have a shower we use for the client to remove the exfoliater before a tan.

For a facial after the consultation, after the client is on the couch, tell them you are going to wash your handsand get two bowls of warm water, one for the cleanser & one to remove the exfoloiater so I leave the client for a minute, I never leave them for a lash tint or lash perm, you would have a small bowl of water ready for an eye bath.

It is possible to do a rub in tan and exfoliate the body for a tan, you have a small bowl for the face and a very large one for the body exfoliater if you dont have a shower, you would rub in the exfoliater, then remove with a mitt thats been submerged in the water, a towel dry.
Carrie xx
For those who don't have a basin in the room, a great alternative is a water heater. It's like a very large kettle but with a tap at the bottom that keeps the water hot and you can get them in white or stainless steel.
Hi Brow Queen

Do you have any idea of where to look for this kind of water heater? Manythanks
I would like to find out about the water heater too. Can you tell me more.

Good threat thank you.
I have a sink in my room but sometimes I actually leave the room to get water, usually when I have Facials in.

The reason I do this is all the gurgling and spluttering of the water can seem really loud when you are just drifting of !
i have no sink in my treatment room but find taking a large bowl of hot water in for the facial lasts until the mask then ill go out and change for body treatments i bought 10 fluffy flannels from asda and a thermal lunch bag i wet the flannels heat them in the microwave or soak them in hot water if you dont have one, put them in the bag and zip it up, you then have steamed towels, if you take the bag in with you the flannels will stay hot until the end of the treatment! hope any of this helps xxx

liz xx
Hi, thanks for the replies.

I already have a sink in my room, but I am taking over another treatment room, which doesnt have a sink, so I have purchased a water heater, when it arrives I will let you know, if they are any good.

thanks again
Hi Brow Queen

Do you have any idea of where to look for this kind of water heater? Manythanks
You can get them on ebay. They used to be called Burco boilers but Burco was the make. Type that in Google. They're about £50. I have seen them in places like Costco and they were orinally intended for catering use.