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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk

I think my posture is all wrong at the mo!!!

The past few days i have had neck ache and it cracks, i try to sit straight but i have always got to bend over to work!

Is there any advise on how to sit correctly, How high your stool should be etc???


Cazza :( :(

I have booked in for a neck massage tomorrow night :D :D
The correct height can be attained by sitting at the table and bending your arms at the elbow to 90 degrees.
Your forearms should be resting on the table when bent at 90 degrees. If they are not then adjust your chair until they are.

If you are having to bend to see what you are doing, then invest in some glasses from the chemist to magnify your work sufficiently so that you do not need to bend your neck constantly to get close. Wearing glasses should be a must anyway at work from a safety point of view.
Ok, while we are on the subject;

I have seen some tables where the hand rest is high up on eye level kind of, would you recommend a table like this Geeg or would it be less comfortable for the client?

The reason I am asking is because I am trying to find the right table and chair for my new shop. The one I have currently is a cheap one the lads bought, along with a computer chair that doesn't offer much support.

I have seen chairs with no backs to them, but I definatley need some back support. I know that extraction ventilation is very important and I want to make sure that I set aside a decent amount of money for a nail station so that I know I have got what I need.
I have one of these tables in the salon. The hand rest is about shoulder level. Not only is it impractical but it is very uncomfortable for me and for the client. They sometimes complain that their hands "fall asleep" because they are raised for so long. I end up having to lean forward just to reach their hands. I would definitely not recommend getting one of these tables.
Ok, I might have exaggerated! :oops: But I don't know how to explain it. Basically the arm rest is on a stand if you know what I mean. Nearer to eye level than if it was on the table, sort-of-thing! :oops: :D :D
Well I have always had my client's arm raised just enough (with a padded arm rest from DesignerNails) so that it can dangle loosley from the wrist. It makes your work so much easier when the hand is relaxed like this .... but eye level?? ... I think that is a bit excessive and would be quite uncomfortable after an hour or so for the client not to mention you who would be working with your arms unsupported and up in the air ... they can't be that high can they??
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