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Mar 26, 2006
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North East
Hi Geeks
I've been looking through this site tonight and am amazed at all the wonderful talent that we have on here....

Not only is there beautiful nails but we have beautiful cake decorating and card making.

It amazes me and also makes me feel abit left behind as at the moment I'm just trying to set up my business- get and try to keep my clients with just the basics of nails such as the french l & p still have dodgy smile lines lol!!!

I wonder if I'll ever be able to be as creative as some of you geeks
does it just come naturally do you have to have a flair for it or do you just practice?

I don't consider myself very creative in fact I'm abit fingers and thumbs but I'm very determined would love to have a go at the nail art and 3d work but just wouldn't know where to start!!!

Sorry for the rant but just wanted to say it's brilliant to see such skill!!!!

Have a look in the Gallery, there's some amazing nails there, it should give you loads of ideas.
I am the least most creative person I know lol. I love to have a go at anything and everything concerning nails and dont let it stop me, I just dont post pics of my disasters lol.

Good luck with trying all your creative ideas out hun, you'll have great fun

Rachel xx

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