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Dec 12, 2005
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North Yorkshire
Hi everyone

I wondered if anyone could help me or point me in the right direction - I have bad skin on my face its covered in blackheads especially on my tzone, spots especially on my chin, but also I have dry flaky skin on my nose which shows even when I put make up on - its really starting to get me down now.

Any help in what I can do would be very helpful as I've tried many things.


i'd suggest you have a prescription facial with your local demalogia salon, the therapist will do face mapping, and identify the problems you have in all of the different zones on your face. sounds to me like you have congested skin which is also dehydrated. using different products for different zones on your face may sound like a faff - but trust me its worth it if you want to get the best results. do you exfoliate daily? also, why not try popping in to your local college (as a way of saving pennies) and book a course of desincrustation or microdermabrasion? will improve your skin condition no end, as well as improving the texture of it. you could always try extracting your comedones yourself, if you have one of those little facial steamers. hth's :)
Do you ever exfoliate to remove dead skin cells? Obviously you can not use a harsh exfoliator, have you tried dermalogica's daily micorfoliant? As it says it is gentle enough to use every day. Also I would go to a dermalogica salon have a skin analysis and get them to do a facial to get you on the correct road. They will also do extractions. I must admit that i trained in dermalogica but I love it and like most premium ranges it can achieve results.

Hope this helps, but without seeing and touching your skin its hard to advise you on what to try as what helps one person is no help at all to another.

Good luck.

Trish :hug:
Thank you - that's really good advice :)

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