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Jan 9, 2003
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I didnt want to mention anything until the final notice just came through and I saw the results for my own eyes...

I have won a small victory against the hijacking of my domain names.

Many will recall that in March, an individual on this site went off and registered variations on my domain name (ie,,, etc).

Well, much huffing and puffing later (and a crap load of legal fees), Nominet (the organisation that handles the domains) sided in my favor and ordered the domain names to be handed over to my ownership as they concluded that the names were registered in bad faith. It will take a couple of days to make the names repoint to this site, but at least they are mine now ;)

There are still the .com's and .net's to contend with, but those will have to be put off until I can afford to go after them (its not cheap).

Anyhoo. Just excited so I thought I would post the news.
I certainly hope this doesnt mean we will be hearing from 'you-know-who' . Lets ensure we dont have to hear from him by not giving him reason to pop in and say anything. mmmKay?

Thanks for everyones support, however I am now thinking its best to simply close this thread and delete all the replies as I feel all we are doing is tempting fate (and my pocketbook).

Thanks for your understanding and support ;)
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