So upset - no further education


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Jan 18, 2012
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Dublin, Ireland
Just a rant and a moan and a whinge really.

I was hoping to do my Masters Diploma course starting thei coming September. I had a lookonline at the only college it seems in Ireland to offer this and was told in order to start I would need to be a member of the Irish Hairdressers Federation. (IHF)
So I contacted the IHF requesting prices what I would need to do etc and got this reply today

Thanks for your email enquiring about IHF membership. Attached please find out IHF membership leaflet.

This is an employers organisation. Currently a solo hairdresser could not register as a member of the IHF. This structure is under review.

I'm so upset as I am an employee not an employer, I can't start my course.
Really just feel like crying although I'm slightly angry it's as if they are saying hey because you dont have the money to own your own shop, your not good enough to join us or gain your Masters Diploma.

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