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Jan 11, 2003
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I have been asked by a dear dear freind for me to do her mothers nails for her 1 big problem though.

She is a cancer patient and has lost all of the nails through her treatment now correct me if i am wrong but i do not think this is possible for me to put nails on and honestly say they are gonna stay on .

I could deal with that and offer her a facial instead but my freind tells me that there is a woman in own local town saying she can do this and is charging extreem amounts of money to these sick or dying ladies.

Could some one please tell me if this is possible and if it is could someone tell me how to do it,because this has baffled the hell out of me !

Take Care

.... that this poor lady has no nail plate at all? Just wondering because my mum 'Geeg' (Gigi) went into to hospital and did a cancer patients nails for her but this was to pamper her and make her feel feminie when she was at such a low, but she did have nail plates - let me know! ;)
yes this lady has no nail plate at all aparently they just peeled off !
... over the years we have dealt with many 'patients', but I haven't ever seen nail plates that have peeled off due to treatment. :?
Mind you different things happen to different people.
If there is no plate, there is no where for you to attach a tip unless you put an entire tip over the nail bed and attach with an adhesive like 'Gelbond' which is a thick viscosity adhesive that 'fills in the gaps'.
However this is not something I would norally recommend at all and they wouldn't last a second. :( You certainly don't want to go down the route of putting l+p straight on to skin due to over-exposure - let's see what other have to say but my guess is to do what you have said and offer something else that will relax her and take her mind off her terrible situation!
I have done several cancer patients. In doing their nails and during the course of their treatments (and even after they've completed treatments) they have had varying degrees of challenges with their nails. The most common was onycholysis (nail separation). Cancer treatments can effect the nails differently for each individual.....depending on how aggressive the treatments are. After all, the treatments itself is will kill good cells as well as the bad. Hair falling out is the most common side effect. Since nails and hair are made of the same thing, it would only make sense that it's possible for the nails to fall off. Once treatments have been completed, most patients will have their hair grow back. So there's a possibility the nails will eventually grow back for this patient as well. However, at this point, the nails could grow back differently than they did before......they could have ridges or even misshaped nails.

I would not recommend applying enhancements to the nail bed. Artificial enhancements are not meant to be applied to skin. Doing so will put the client at risk of being overexposed to the chemicals (cancer patients are being exposed to enough chemicals). And besides, we all know that product will lift if applied to skin. So I agree with Sam......offer her a facial but talk to her about her nails. Loosing the hair and nails is a very traumatic experience. Do not mislead her but tell her like her hair, her nails should grow back once the treatment is completed. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee what they will look like when they come back but at that point, she will have more options for artificial nail application.

On a final note, examine her cuticles and matrix area....check for any openings or breaks in the skin where bacteria could enter the matrix while the nails are gone. If the matrix is exposed, she will need to ensure she is protecting the matrix. Ask her to talk to her doctor about the situation and ask for recommendations from him/her. Alot of doctors are sympathetic to their patient's nail and hair loss.....they realize how much it means to the patient to be able to have nails and hair. Always follow the doctor's recommendations.

Hope this has helped!
you have really helped i really didnt want to do this as i was pretty sure (my common sense kicking in ) that it couldnt be done.

Thanx alot you have reassured me loads

take care

I was under the impression that you should actually avoid any type of nail enhancement on cancer patients due to the nail plates being more porous. I was told to allow a year once the person had had the all clear before applying anything.

Any thoughts?

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