Sooooo excited!!!!!


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Apr 6, 2004
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Im so happy and excited! Ive been working voluntarily in a beauty salon helping out on reception etc and have been hoping to rent space.
so a few weeks ago i did a treatment on my first stranger and it really scared me! she told me shes been to lots of salons including the best in my town so then it got me thinking: ohhhhhhh poo.
so i said if there are any probs give me a ring. (as soon as i said that i thought "hmmm nice little hole ive got myself in". shes gonna try and get a free set.)
so i lost my confidence, (even though she hadnt complained or said anything yet!)
but she never phoned with a problem!!! i was so happy!
except that shes not come back. but i kind of guessed that would happen because shes been to looooooads of places and doenst sound like a regular loyal client.
anywho ive got my confidence back and im going to rent space for nails and aromatherapy massage yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait!
thanx for all the posts on lifting cos they definitely helped on my 1st client!
your all brill!
Here is to a great future for you............
Well done and go and do some fab nails now xxxxx
awww thanx thats so sweet ruth!
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