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May 3, 2004
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Has anyone used Spa Ritual polishes and if so what did you think of the range?
nice polishes nice colours but I keep returning to OPI and China Glaze has lovely colours:hug:
I agree, the colours are beautiful but I just couldn't get on with them at all. Found them very thin and watery to apply and they didn't seem to last long on the nail. Kept returning to my Creative polishes. x
never used it myself but did get a huge leaflet about them in the post this morning....inside was a article about DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and that it has been identified as a potential developmental and reproductive toxin that may cause a broad range of birth defects.....apparantly it can be found in some enamels.
I have not tried the varnishes, but the strengtheners are really good, particularly the Protein Boost.
No used them but also got the leaflet this morning.
One of my friends is stocking her salon with them shortly. She is replacing her Jessica range which she didnt get on with. She has a sample of the Sparitual polishes (red) which I tried and thought it was really nice. Other than that, I dont really know much about them. Apparently the are organic etc?
Absolutely love the Sparitual range from NSi!

Great range of colours in their polish range, good application & longevity!
Chris, I will be at Andy's geeky waxing workshop on Monday if you want me to bring one with me so you can try? Let me know.
Chris, I will be at Andy's geeky waxing workshop on Monday if you want me to bring one with me so you can try? Let me know.
Oh that would be great if you could.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Cheers!:hug:
We love the sparitual enamels in my salon, stunning colours and the round bottles are so pretty?! (how sad am I thinking an enamel bottle is 'pretty'!:eek:)

Whatever............Fab colours, easy to use, got one on my tootsies as we speak!! xx
The one thing I loves about spa Ritual is their Rubberised handle makes opening bottles after all our creams a dawdle.:hug:
I have quite a few bottles of Spa Ritual polishes and I like them just fine.
I have been using spa ritual at work for about 2 years now. I love the colors, but I hate the small brush. It takes me alot longer to apply polish than with OPI. I do like the french white brush. Its almost like a striper brush
I love them!! Use them a lot & find they have always lasted really well & give good coverage & colour!! :)
I stock the whole range of these polishes and elixirs in my salon and my clients love them they retail really well and the elixirs are brilliant, have used lots of other polish brands over the years but i now love these.:biggrin:
Hi ya

I painted my tonails with their Epicurean Shimmer shade (having used their multi tasker base/top coat) about 8 weeks ago and only now is it chipping around the extreme free edge and cuticle area - the colour is still going strong on the nails, so i'd recommend it - for pedicures at least. Not sure about durability on fingers as haven't tried it yet.
what i found tricky about getting it to stay is waiting for each coat to dry. Once I was patient with that, it lasted very well
I have been using the SPAritual polishes - I love them! I did my pedicure course just over a week ago and had my toenails painted the polish still looks freshly done!

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