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Jul 29, 2010
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I'm just setting up my mobile business and have a large ish family so haven't tonns of spare cash, hubby is whinging about the cost of all these products I want to buy, but I'm telling him its a necessary part of setting up a business, he doesn't seem convinced!
Did you all start up offering EVERYTHING you offer now, or did you start off with one or two treatments and build up? x
Start small, master one or two treatments. Do them really well, then build up by adding another later on. You can then upsell this to your existing clients.

Start off with two or three of the four most popular treatments - waxing, facials, massage and manicures. If doing manicures look at doing something different like Shellac, or one of the other brands that offer something similar.

I agree- start small.

Excel in a few things- and then add more strings to your bow.

Have a look at the competition, can do you something they're not? Can you do two or three things better than they can?..and then can you market it better than them?

Get a reputation first, and then capitalise on it. It's how every successful business has worked.
I get where your coming from, it's just when I tell people what I'm doing (Tanning, manicures, pedicures, shellac) then I get people saying oh do you not do X? And yes I CAN do everything I just don't have all the products/equipment x
Your tanning equipment will cost a lotto buy but things like mani Nd pedi products will be very affordae to set up in. We bought a wee mani and pedi starter thing from cnd and it cost about £30ish each for them... Not much money. Getting things for lash and brow tinting again shouldn't be expensive. As you say you do need to outlay a bit but if u spend £30 on your mani products and can do 10 mani appts out of that at £15... You get my drift. Set yourself a budget and sit with hubby and explain that this month your set up cost will be x amount, and once you have made a bit of money doing your few treatments you offer (ask clients what they would like you to offer next) use some of your profits to buy your next part of kit like a wax pot or tanning kit. Also look into local grants which may help you. Hth xx
Which treatment do you think you are most confident with at the moment? As said before, why don't you concentrate on THAT treatment then add on as you go along...?

The best thing to do is start small, but with quality products. Starting small does not mean you have to use the bottom end of the market stuff.

Invest wisely and you will be half way there. AND realistically you have to put some kind of financial investment to get money back!
We offer about a million treatments and people still ask if we do other things!! Offer what you offer, and don't be pressed into new treatments until you are ready.
Start small as the others have said and make a note of the treatments you are being asked about the most. Then look and see if they are one off treatments or if they will bring you in regular maintenance work. These are the ones to go for e.g. waxing, you will have clients rebooking every month so the treatments will pay for themselves in no time and you won't keep having to find new clients. :green:

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