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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi all :)

Does anyone have a colour that they go through alot of?

It seems my clients cant get enough of spike at the moment, i am going through a bottle a week :shock: and taking orders for it as well for retail lol

Spike is a beautiful lushious colour and my clients are loving it and drinking it im sure lol Its also the most favoured colour for my christmas nails as well.

Anyone else go through one colour as much?

Kerrie :)
Hi Kerrie!

Speaking for the UK ... Spike is always up there in the top 10 along with, Neglige, Creme Puff, Beau, Rose Bud etc.

Spike is such a great colour and somehow seems to go with everything - it is my special favorite on toes ... glamorous and seductive.
Do creative do a colour chart online at all!

We do a colour chart that you can request from your supplier and we will send with pleasure.
Thank you geeg!
I also love Spike and it is really popular this month with Northern Lights on the top.

Romance, Claret and Family Secret are also popular with the added sparkle.
My favourite has to be "Satin Sheets".......my clients adore that one too.
I have done a fair few matching finger and toe nails with this one!!! :)

I struggled for a while to find a dreamy french white that applied nicely to a natural nail, french manicure.....many of the whites I came across were too white or just not striking enough....I have to say "Creme Puff" is just the ticket!!!!! Wonderful coverage and a perfect colour!
I too have found the adorable Northern Lights to be a "cant live without"

Just my personal preferences but hey!....they grow more each day!!!!! :D
Afraid I don't have a colour chart :oops: ...what colour is 'Spike'?
if u go on the creativenailplace website they have a color chart
have u seen the new nail jewellry on creativenailplace web site its lovely. Not tacky at all!!!! definately for the woman with good taste
Sawasdee ka

I look at some magazine now and can see cup cake collection have 6 color and scandle i think have 4 .

On wall my shop i have godess photo and lady with black i can not remember name and lady with red nail .

How many color do creative have and after some time when new collection come can you buy from old colection you like too much and if you want have in your salon is there maybe a box of 50 color can buy 1 time .

Kop khun ka mui ka
mui said:
How many color do creative have and after some time when new collection come can you buy from old colection you like too much and if you want have in your salon is there maybe a box of 50 color can buy 1 time. Kop khun ka mui ka

Sawasdeka Mui, once a collection has come out, after a given period of time, the colours are then available to buy seperately. We would happily sell 50 of one colour if that's what you wanted but I don't know how it works in Thailand. There is no reason that I can think of, of why you couldn't buy as many colours of your choice as you wanted!! :!: :salute:
This time of year I go through a LOT of OPI's Bogata Blackberry. It's almost identical to Spike but just a tad lighter.

sawasdee ka

Mrs geek i speak no good b4 i want to know if godess have 6 bottle and if cupcake have 6 and scandle have 4 is there a collection for 36 or 72 or 144 bottle for say buy 1 time have many color for sell retail .

Or must go say want this want this because if have a collection 72 or 144 bottle all many color and display very beautifull and very beautifull for retail and this display of many color maybe you sell to shop same me this what i want to know .

Kop hun ka mui ka

I like spike, I also like the Legacy series. :D
OK Mui - I think I know where you are coming from. :shock: The answer sadly is NO - Creative do collections that hold 2 of each colour and then later you can buy open stock to re-fill the collection. I agree with you that it would be awsome to go large and have a massive collection - I love your enthusiasm on retailing but I don't think the majority of teks would feel the same. Colours are fickle and many seasonal collections come and go - the die hards always remain. I think it would be more difficult to shift 100's of one colour immediately although I would love to see you prove me wrong!! ;)
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