Splinter Haemorrhages


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Amelia May

Mar 6, 2007
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Hi Geeks,

I've finally, 3 years after passing my Creative Liquid and Powder course, found the confidence to start my own little nail salon at home. I had my first paying manicure client yesterday. Things went very well apart from the uncontrolable shaking........and we we're both pleased with the final french polished look.

During the treatment the client told me she was a hospital doctor and later on asked me what i thought the splinter looking blemish under her nail plate was. I didn't know the answer but said i'd find out for her.

I've looked into the possible cause and found a Splinter Haemorrage to be the most likely cause.

I am fully aware that i must never diagnose disorders but wanted to send an e-mail to follow up the question that i could not answer.

Geeks ....... any idea how i can word the e-mail to her with out it sounding
like i am trying to diagnose??

Looking forward to your replys

bloomin eck if shes a doctor she should know herself !!!
A splinter haemorage is, simply put, the result of a little seepage of blood following a trauma to the end of the finger. The blood seeps up beteween the dermis grooves of the nail bed and has the appearance of a splinter.

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