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Nov 6, 2013
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Hello! I need help! :)
I mean my hair does... I'm trying to recover my hair from a total damage that i had last december from a hair salon... I needed back then a long bob shoulders length and got a layered one till around my ears... since then... i'm still trying to grow it. Since august i started working in a hair salon and have a regular color every 5 weeks but i'm a bit afraid to cut it.. now it has shoulders length but like first 2-3 cm are dry and have split ends. Last trim i had it around 5 weeks ago, like 1 cm but... not enough. My question is now... if the hair is damaged.. i need to trim it right? it can't regenerate with all the masks i'm helping it, i don't think my splits will be glued again hahaha... i am having every week olive+almond oil mask, 3 hr time and the second time i'm having a blowdry i stay with a hair treatment like for 15 minutes after shampoo. As a junior hairdresser hoping to become a senior one in the next 3 years.... i wish my hair will be an example for my customers.
you need to cut off as much as possible for the split ends to go or they will keep splitting and also get it cut regularly.
treatments are good but depends if you are using protein treatments. you could be making it brittle from too much.
no straighteners either x

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Split ends aren't only at the ends unfortunately and if the hair is split it's too little too late.. If you leave it too long the hair will keep splitting higher and higher meaning they won't get trimmed when you finally take Enought off.... Unfortunately I would take 2cm off every 8 -10 weeks so at least it won't get shorter but it will feel so much healthier :)
Thanks a lot for all your answers. I will have a trim next week for ab 3-4 cm. I can say my hair grows really fast...sometimes i feel like cutting it shorter to get out from the common poney tail ...more extravagant ;)) but i need yo find a really good hairdresser to do this ;)) causr i had bad experiences hihi

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