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Sep 21, 2009
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cant find any other post online so pleeease someone may know!
when i screw on the bottle with the tan in it starts to squirt out from the nozzle without me pressing the lever or putting pressure anywhere or even puttin the hose on ive loosened the nut, ive took the spring out and adjusted everything any ideas?
It could be that the needle is not forming a seal as it should be when the trigger is released. Which spring have you taken out? The needle should be pushed forward by the spring in the trigger mechanism when not being sprayed. Is everything tightened up as it should be? I'm not that familair with spray tan machines as I've mainly used airbrushes but there may be a locking nut on the needle which could be loose? Hope you sort it. If not, give me a shout back or email me a pic of the gun.
i am guessing youve got a maximist ? and that you have put the rubber pick up tube on the wrong hole, it needs to be on the hole closest to the trigger :lol:

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