Spray tan courses in Ireland ?


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Oct 22, 2010
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Hi was wondering if anyone can recommend a good spray tanning course in Ireland ? I see Nsi do a tanning course in Swords anyone done it ? Any advice would be very welcome :)
Thanks Ninni xx
Hi Vani-T distruibutors are based in Ireland so sure they will have training in your area. Worth asking them.
VANI T UK Salons - Placing Orders
You will get the contact details on this page.

I am a trainer for Vani-T and the training is excellent and so are the tanning solutions xxx
Hi Jenx
Thanks for the reply . Had a quick google there cant see anything on training but ill def have a look at that link and enquire hopefully they do . I used Van-t before not spray tan just bottle and loved it. :)
Thanks again :)
No problem, I'm sure they will have trainers covering Ireland. Just give them a call.
If you liked the rub on then you will love the spray tan :) Good luck xxx
I did my tan training with NSI in swords, it was very good.
ASU in swords also do a spray tanning course so do hair and beauty world in the Robin hood ind estate.
Hi Catznailz
Thanks for the reply :)
So you would recommend Nsi ? Rang them the other day they have training on the 17th be great to get it done in time for the party season so might go ahead with it so :).
Ninni xx:hug:

I did mine in a place in swords called Lenagh's college, they were very good. If you google Lenaghs college you will find they do a few different kit costs aswell for different price ranges etc. I did it about two years ago but i think its still the same.


(P.S. Have you joined the Irish Geeks group? just click on groups)
Hi mornettie and blondiebear
Thanks for the info Ill check them out have loads of good choices now happy out :)
I have joined Irish geeks great to get some local advice.
Thanks again
ninni xxx

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