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May 18, 2012
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Ok so went into the hole spray tan thing thinking it would really make me some pennys so done the course got the kit done a few tans and its not working out im now to skint to buy more faketan and im kinda nerv when im going to do people really dont want to give this up went frew a lot to get everything anyone got any good tips was everyone the same when they started ? :(
Exactly the same. You have to spend some to make some as they say!xx
It is hard when you first start because you dont have a ready made clientelle, it does cost alot to get started but you do sometimes need to have quite a bit of outlay to make your money back. Have you thought about some advertising? Business cards etc? Or setting up a facebook page and perhaps giving some kind of offer to encourage people back to you. Hope this helps x
Hi Flawles, yes we have all had quiet times, but if I recall I did reply to another of your posts asking very much the same question and I posted the link to ways of marketing your business by Lynne Baker, sweetie, you are going to have to stop complaining and start doing. I really mean that in the nicest way. We all get downhearted sometimes but if you have a negative frame of mind about you customers pick up on it. Would you rather go to see a bubbly cheerful technician or a desperate miserable one ? Just an example, I am not saying you are desperate or miserable.LOL If you have run out of money and cant buy any more solution, ring around to all the suppliers and ask if they do free samples, there are still some that do. Read Lynne's Thread, many geeks added great ideas to hers and every little thing helps when starting out. If you still find it too difficult after trying some of the ideas you can get from here you might want to get a little part time job to tide you over. In Lynne's post there are links to free marketing e-books as well. So hon, get searching, reading and ringing. Chin up, in a few months you will look back on these "dark times" and smile to yourself pleased that you stuck with it.
Spray Tanning is definitely not an easy money business, you only get out what you put in.The more you commit and work the easier it becomes. Hope this helps at least a little but please take heed of the replies you have already received on all your other posts. We are all trying to help but unfortunately there is only us so what you have already been advised is probably as good as it's going to get. Sorry
Thanks everyone for the help i will just keep going at it i didnt think i had wrote about thinking to stop doing spray tans but anyway i wll take the advice on bored but like to keep asking things as lots of people are in the same place :) xx
Have a look on the groups section as well I am sure there is a Scottish Geek section where you can get in touch with other local technicians who understand the local clients and their likes and dislikes, Sometimes a treatment that is really popular in Scotland is not that popular in London or vice versa iykwim.

PS Like the happy face
i will be sure to do so thankyou :)

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