Spray tan tent falling backwards


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Sep 20, 2011
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rotterdam netherlands
I have been spray tanning (mobile) for over a yr now and enjoy it very much, but lately my tent seems to be falling backwards as I set it up at a clients house, I am setting it up against a wall now just so it doesnt fall, but am I doing something wrong folding it ?:biggrin:
I wouldn't have thought so, they kind of put themselves up don't they? If your worried search on YouTube to see if there's a clip on how to put them up.
Maybe one of the bits is bent or something so it's not as stable x
Mine has been like this since I bought it, I should have complained but needed to use it straight away! I prop mine up against a wall.
Mine does this sometimes when the base isn't square so make sure it's fully folded out and not skewiff (not sure if this will help but it works for me?)
Mines also does this. I fold it again, play about with the rods and at times I hear a click, unfold it then it goes up no bother. I think when you fold the tent the rods bend too much and don't fully open when putting it up. I have to do this every time. It can be so annoying especially when I'm in a hurry. Give it a go hth:)x

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