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Jul 21, 2010
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Hi there, newbie geek here, posted this originally in cafe geek but have had no replies so :cry: will try re-posting here!! I'm newly qualified and working in a salon but hope to be able to work from home by end of this year (having conservatory converted into a salon). I do spray tans in the salon but would like to offer them from home but I've never done one using the pop up tents, at work we have a tiled room, does the spray really stay inside the tent? The gun we use at work leaks a lot and drips on tiled floor quite a bit, I find it such a messy job (I think the salon's equipment isn't the greatest) and can't get my head round how you could do it in a room without the risk of some of the spray getting on walls or windows? have visions of my conservatory windows getting covered!!! Please help, any advice from people already using tents and best product. Thankyou!!
Hi lj6610,

I think someone should take a look at the salon gun, that doesn't sound right!

I use and have always used a tenning tent and depending on how you have been taught, I've found the spray does stay in the tent. You will need to vent the room in some way though, as the smell can sometimes get a little strong and linger, and you may get a little residue settling over shelves etc.

I tend to spray very dry and I don't have a problem with spray getting everywhere, but one friend of mine sprays extremely wet (I've tried to tell her but she will not be told she's wasting too much solution!) and she does get residue outside of the tent and another who I used to work with was so messy, I couldn't stand it! We were always cleaning the room from top to bottom!

I hope this helps you.

Sarah. xx


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