Spray Tanning Faces!


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Jul 29, 2010
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Simply, how do you do it? I feel my technique could be improved but don't know how.
hi,how was u taught to tan? i learned to do vertical (stripes) when it come to tanning the clients face tell them to turn head to one side do on spray down the face,same on the other side,then tell them to face forward take a deep breath and do one spray down middle of the face x u dont want to put too much tan on the face and if it looks lighter than the rest of the body dont worry the face should be lighter anyway,looks more natural plus they will put foundation/bronzer on top x
Everyone is taught to spray differently. I spray from the top of the forehead in a circular motion working in to the peak of the nose. Then get client to face left and spray and then face right and spray. Speak to your trainer if you are unsure.
Do you have a professional system or an airbrush one? With the professional system we do the following:-

  • when face is sprayed get client to close their eyes and hold their breath, breathing out after each spray.
  • first spray from forehead to jawline covering the edge of the face where the eye is
  • spray the middle of their face
  • spray the other third of their face
  • with the gun facing the side of their face spray down from the hairline to the neck grading it a little
  • spray the ear
  • repeat on the other side
  • spray almost horizontally from the ear along the jaw line to the centre of the neck
  • repeat under this area
  • repeat on the other side
As long as you get the results, it shouldn't matter how you do it though

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