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Oct 14, 2009
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La La Land
Guys honestly..how do you do it lol

I have sprayed a few people now and to be honest they have come out ok, but I find it really hard to spray ..the mist is so fine it's hard to see lol
I keep going over places thinking I haven't done that bit, even though I know I have :rolleyes:

I think my problem is that when I spray I know it's going on them as I can see it just, but I worry that it won't be enough, so spray some more!
Bet your glad your not one of my models hey lol

I have done my training, im using a maximist machine. I done the paper towel thing so i have it that it doesn't go through the second layer.

So it's down to me..hate it when i do it too much and then the tan gathers...so furstrating :mad:

Should I just do the light spray and see what happens, maybe Im just be over cautious? :hug:
Hi! I have sort of the same problem..always wondering if the spray has got where its supposed to be..etc! I found the best setting of the gun (maximist 5008) was to screw the flow screw at the back up so its closed,mark the '12 o'clock' position, then open it up till its at 25 to the hour..that works best for me. Which solution are you using, 'cos most of them have a good guide colour to see where you've sprayed it..perhaps try another with a better guide colour? I have also found that I need to trust myself more..I have done the training and am now doing clients (gulps!") They are re-booking, so I must be doing something right!! Im sure your clients and guinea pigs would have told you if you missed any parts..so trust yourself more!
I had this problem when I first started years ago and also recently when I changed product and from a compressor to HVLP I had one tan that went a patchy on the legs and I lost confidence. My way of dealing with it was do a new training course get a few friends round and tan exactly as I have been trained till I felt happy with my technique- I have had great feedback all my clients are happy with the tans and I feel confident again. Good luck- hope you get your mojo back :)
Hi hun, sometimes the girls i'm training say they struggle to see where they are spraying and we usually find that they are spraying just a little bit too far away so the mist is so light its difficlut to see. Spraying at a distance of 4-6 inches away from their body usually solves the problem.

You may also find that a tanning tent with a clear top can help as it allows more light to get in and you can also get lights that clip on to your tent.

It gets easier I promise. Have faith in your routine, take your time and try to relax into it. sometimes it can be hard to see where you have been but as you get more experienced you'll get used to it.

good lighting, a great routine that you stick to every time and taking your time are all good tips.

OOh tents lights sound good :)

I had another go tonight and I think I did a little better, I used the organics sample I had..(love that colour lol)...I still think im spray a little too much round the neck hmm
Also I did circles rather than lines..it felt better doing it that way...but i guess the downside to that is im wasting solution in overspray...

Anyway the tan I did tonight left me feeling a bit better..I have 3 more friends to practice on Thursday..so will see how that goes

I will use LA TAN on them so tigi stand by lol :) xx
if you need ANY help at all please pm me and I would be happy to assist.

After I posted last time...my sister who I sprayed looked like she had socks on after, totally missed the ankles and feet lol

tonight i did 2 more peeps and use LA Tan gold...first one was even but I think i sprayed her top half and arms a little too much to the rest of her body....second one looked much better no missed bits or too much spray...and loved lovely...the LAtan gold is a very nice colour...And I never got no runs or gathering of tan round the neck...god I feel so much better about it all now lol

So thanks guys hopefully few more tester friends and master the hands and feet... I should be good to go ..whoooo :) x
Hi :)

I had the same problem when I first started spray tanning in May this year, was always so worried I was missing bits, not spraying it on thick enough etc.

However...after reading several other peoples posts and advice on here I realised that you just have to have faith in yourself! Spray it on how you were taught, and believe in yourself that you are doing it right and you will be fine! Some solutions, I have found, have very little guide colour and make it difficult to see where you have been and where you havent, but just make sure you spray in the correct order making sure you have been everywhere, and trust that it will be fine once developed!

Once you have done a few and believed in yourself, and once you know the clients are happy and it has turned out fine - your confidence will increase :)
Aww thanks hun

Yes your right in the fact you have to believe and trust in yourself...i tried on to do this on feet,face and hands..on my last two friends that I did yesterday
I got a call this morning to say that they loved the tans..i missed a bit of neck on one and a bit by the wrist on the other....

I shall do some more friends and only once I have got a all over even tan will i go and do any of my clients..
But I do like tanning there is something quite enjoyable making people go brown :) xx
Are you using solution that you can't see? If all else fails, do one light coat evenly followed by another again evenly. If you keep going over areas you risk having a build up and this area being darker. Our machine is st tropez so you see that going on as soon as it hits the skin.
I discovered two things that made for a better result ...
The first is daylight bulbs - I have three, one of which is facing the tent and another one clipped to it, and the second is to spray very lightly, but twice - and let the first 'coat' dry before spraying the second. I never use more than 50 mls and I get even tans that clients are pleased with.

Works for me, but give the daylight bulbs a go; they make such a difference.

I found when I first started I kept to routine I was tought, using a tan with colourguide (could see going on) la gold has little colour guide so for a biginnner would be like trying to run before could walk falling over and wandering why??? iygwim

I now understand my machine,hvlp 5008, and dif between my spray patterns and will change between these during process to suit angles etc. I will also adjust volume or distance to suit as I am now comfortable with my routine, know I am good at what I do and am confident in products I use and how to use them.

It is always wise to practise how taught then try otherthings....Ionly ever use approx 40 ml per person spray at about 10-5 to 12 and5 inch away as a rough guide (varies depending) xxx

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