Spray tanning only?


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Dec 16, 2010
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West Lothian
Hi Everyone! :)

Am just wondering how many for you ladies just do spray tanning for your business?? And how successful are you etc??

Am looking into starting spray tanning, start of part-time and take it from there, then i would love to get into the teaching side of it too! :) Does anybody else do teaching on top of running a business?

Just wanted some thoughts, is it worth it? Do you make a nice living out it? Is it rewarding? Any fedback, experience etc would be so grateful :)

Samantha xx
Really good thread just started on tanning.
Should answer all you need to know. Should be on first page as a sticky

I dont have a spray tan business but I work selling the equipment solutions and training people and I am very busy the tanning industry is booming and I would say go for it. My customers are mixed some are salons and some are mobile therpist and they all say that they are very busy especially with summer coming we all love a bit of colour!

Good Luck!

Leela Jackson
Sunless Solutions

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