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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
My friend just bought a system for spray tanning from a UK distributor of other beauty items and guess what you can buy the very same piece of machinery in argos for £70 quid for creosoting fences :evil: she paid just under £1,000 okay this did include 5 ltrs of tanning lotion and a make shift booth but hell - what a rip off - should I tell her? I know she won't take it well at and what will it acieve...I feel so anoyed :twisted: this seems such a rip off hope other people don't fall into the same trap....
hi i saw that machine in argos and it does look very similar,made me wonder too
dee said:
hi i saw that machine in argos and it does look very similar,made me wonder too
worrying isnt it...there are quite a few on the market place like this but they seem to charge around £350 - i still wouldn't pay that though...
Hi Freak

Have you told your friend yet?
hI hERM - NO NOT SEEN HER & DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY to her, dont think she could do much now as she bought Solglo over 6 weeks ago at least ....I have noticed she's withdrawn her leaflets from our local so i think she's found it not to be good anyway
I have just written an atricle for the Guild/Tanning world April/May issue on the questions to ask tanning companies before making a decision on what tanning system to purchase as well as explaining the differences between airbrush tanning, spray tanning, HVLP blowers and automated systems.

It is a minefield at the moment, as there is a vast choice of systems to choose from and each Company will tell you that their's is the best. If you are seriously contemplating adding this service to your treatments, I would suggest that you read the article or pm me and I will forward you a copy.

Unfortunately the sprayer advertised in the Argos catalogue is a do-it-yourself blower for domestic paint jobs and some Companies are selling it as a professional system but I do know however, that if you purchase this type of system for spray tanning the nozzles have been changed to accomodate this type of application.

This does not change the fact that it is only a fraction of the price and is currently on offer at £59.00.

Some Companies do give this away as a free gift if you purchase liquid, as it is a good way of seeing how the tan looks and if you have a clientelle for this service. If it appears you do, then you can always up grade to a professional system and you then have a free sprayer for DIY jobs!

On a serious note, using compressed air can be damgerous, so make sure that the Company you purchase from takes health & safety issues into consideration and offers free in depth training.

Tracey Stephenson.
Hi Tracey, could you possibly post me the article.Thanks so muchx
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