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Feb 18, 2004
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Milton Keynes
I am thinking of adding spray tanning to my services and had a demonstration using Su-do tanning - it looked really good and I was pleased with the colour, but before jumping straight in and adding (yet another thing) to my credit card, can anyone recommend this, or is there a better system out there?
Hiya - You want to do a search or look in the chat forum as there are oddles of posts on this topic. best of luck
Hi Ya has been a recent topic on this and Sundrench was the main thing discussed which apparently is really good i received a sample and may be ordering the kit but if you do a search on it im sure it will come up and tell all x x

Solglo is united beautys new lotion and its a fast spray system.
hi ya

i have the su do tanning machine, and your right it is good saying that i have been having trouble getting it right, you have to have a technique and to be honest i havn't got it to a tee yet, so i rang su do and they are giving me some more training on the 20th. but i know once i have mastered the technique it is a fantastic looking tan.
I had a sudo tan done by a trainer and it was awful, very very streaky. I had to wonder if he did such a bad job just how much practice one needs to do a good job. I`m happy to stick to my St. Tropez application tanning

I use Sienna x... it is a lovely solution...really natural looking colour and now streaks xx

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