Spraying larger ladies


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Nov 1, 2010
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I have a tan party booked in a couple of weeks (my first!!!) and I know 2 of the girls are larger, maybe size 20/22.

So what is the best ways to get any creases, any tips on getting a good result when you can't see all the skin.

Any tips on making people feel comfortable ?
with all my clients when im spraying them I get them to raise both their arms in the air (this lifts up breasts so you can spray underneath). xx
under breasts are fine as have done that before...

was more thinking of creases on back, thighs, arms
have you thought about lifting one arm up at a time when your doing the back
This question has been asked times before. If you do a search you will find all the answers you need.
Being larger myself (size 18) I have these problems...I have my Mum spray tan me(haha she's getting better) but I find you just have to move...it may mean asking them to lift their arm and bend forward/backwards slightly but every large person is different so you will just have to make it up as you go along - don't be afraid to tell the person the need to stretch a bit more, they will understand and would rather that than have patches. The only other thing you will need to tell them is about 10min after the tan if they have a deep crease wiping it with a papertowel will help prevent any streaking

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