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Aug 29, 2004
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This may be a long post but please bear with me.

A while ago I went for an interview at a salon near me which included ongoing training; I thought it was a great opportunity. Anyway I spoke to one of the girl’s that works there just recently and she told me that she did all the training. She is Creative trained but not an educator and she trains all the new staff.

She began telling me that a couple of the girls had reduced their hours in the salon to rent rooms elsewhere; one of these girls went to the hair salon where I used to rent a room, she works there 2 days a week. She claims to be Creative trained and insured but surely she isn’t, when she wasn’t trained officially. I also found out that she has told the owner of the hair salon that she is insured through the salon where she works the other 3 days.
Can she be insured through the salon and rent a room elsewhere?
Can she really say she is Creative trained?

Another thing has been bothering me, a couple of girls that work in the shop next door to where I work go to a community centre once a week for free to learn to do enhancements, all they get is a certificate to say they had completed the course. One of them said she is going mobile when she is finished to make extra money. I told her she would have to be insured and with it not being an accredited course she wouldn’t be able to, her answer was “when I complete the course, I am qualified and I won’t need insurance anyway”

Is it just me that thinks this is just not right?
Can these girls really get away with it?
Am I totally wrong and this is allowed?

I’m sorry if I offend anyone with any comments but I don’t think it’s fair if they can do this, when most people go through the right channels for training, struggle to find jobs and they just walk into them.
Some people eh!! Problem is, with the lack of proper training, they probably think they are doing everything right, and dont realise the importance of proper training, insurance etc. The thing is, that although they shouldnt be able to do this, there's very little to stop them in reality. Perhaps if CND knew they were "fake CND techs" they might intervene, other than that the best way to report these types of techs is to inform your local authority or Habia.

Ultimately, they might make a quick buck, which is frustrating to those of us who do it properly and pay considerable sums of money for our training, but their results will let them down, and I'm sure you will be seeing some of their clients in the future who come to you to resolve problems that these pretendy techs have caused!!

Its a shame that people like that give our industry a bad name, but thats life, I'm sure it happens in other industries too. Keep smiling, stay professional, and good luck!
I teach some courses in community centres/schools to parents. The first thing I do is stress that although they will get a certificate, they will not be qualified to practise.

It is so frustrating to see things like this happen.

I used to teach a 1 day Indian head massage course in the college that I was training to be a reflexologist. they all knew that it was an interest course and they got an attendance certificate, but I found a small number of my fellow reflexology students that attended the course, started offering treatments.

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