Star Nail Formula 1 Rapid Dry Drops, White residue?


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Aug 23, 2007
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West sussex, UK

Yesterday I went to an office and spent the day doing manicures for thier christmas party tonight. Great booking and despite a small hitch have asked me back on a regular basis (which makes me feel like this :green:)

I took a brand new bottle of star nails formula 1 rapid dry drops instead of my usual aersol type spray - only because I thought being in an office and doing them all day the spray would impratical.

Anyway about 45 minutes in one of the girls comes back saying that her nails have started turning white. I had a look and stated it was probably a residue and to leave them alone as it would probably wipe off once they were dry. The aersol spray I use does this not white - clear, but does leave a residue.

Anyway basically they dried and it didnt wipe off then gradually others came back stating the same thing. I stopped using it after that.

I painted nails done top coat then went back to the 1st nail and done drops. It states wait 60 seconds which it would be by the time I got back to 1st nail.

Dont think I done anything wrong anyone else had this problem or have I just got a dodgy batch!

Of course the other thing that crossed my mind its a reaction with my products? I use OPI polishes and Seche Le Vite top coats. Though the bottle states nothing about not using on certain products.

This is very unfortunate :hug:

Well you've been invited back so that's the main thing :)

I have used this product in the past and not had a prob with residue, so it may well be from a bad batch

However, it is a bit of a cheap and cheerful product (sorry!) maybe next time invest in OPI Drip Dry Drops which are absolutely fab or China Glaze do a similar product, afraid I can't remember what it's called xx
Thanks for the reply zo zo no offecnce taken it was a last minute pruchase and OPIs minimum order being £50 well :rolleyes:

Well in the bin it goes :lol:

Do you not have a Sally near you? Or a Capital? As they both sell OPI. Also if they don't have it in stock I normally ask them to order me a large one, it works out much more economical :)
i use OPI drip dry drops - they're fab! also they do RadiDry spray as well, which is in a pump and not an aerosol. it's also great - i always use both - u can never be too careful!!!
maybe you didn't wait long enough ....... most of the rapid dry drops are the same thing (they copy each others formula)

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