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Mar 11, 2012
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stoke on trent
Hi Im starting up in beauty and Iv been looking at start up cost and its confusing me lol. I was wondering if anyone knows a really good site thats just for beauty start up? Also how much would you say that I need for marketing? And can anyone recommend a Basic business account?

Hope all that makes sense lol

Thanks Tracey xxxx
Do you know how much you want to spend? Write a list of what you need, have a look at ellison's website they do all products and equipment and will give you roughly how much products and equipment will cost. Are you home based, mobile or salon? There is some very useful thread on business accounts and have a look at more ways to promote yourself for ideas which don't cost the earth and I have found leaflet drops good, slot of geeks use vista print.
I use a normal bank account for my business and this has worked fine so far. I know a few other people in business that do the same. As long as your business transactions are kept separate from your personal ones I dont think you absolutely have to have a business bank account. I think nearly all banks charge now for business banking too, so I'm trying to avoid any extra costs for as long as possible. There are a few banks that do free introductory periods. I think HSBC are offering the first 12 or 18 mths free, so I'm waiting as long as I can before signing up to maximise the free banking period. I will need business banking eventually when I start selling online or taking credit card payments in the future, but if you're not planning anything like that you might be fine with a normal bank account hun. HTH :biggrin:
What I did was created a list of treatments I wanted to provide.

Then for each treatment I wrote all the equipment and products I would need for each treatment, including bed, wax pot etc

This gave me a list of everything I need to be able to provide treatments and I could get a price for most of this on the likes of Ellisons or Salons direct.

I then added all other costs, such as insurance, rent, leaflets, price lists etc.

Hope this helps

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