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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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Can anyone recommend the best products and key products to get for a basic Nail Art Kit???

I want to buy a small kit so I can practise at home in my own time, I have never done a training course but have looked on various websites and not sure which products to start with??

So far all I have is 4 striper paints from NSI (pink, silver and white) and some rinestones but thats about it.

? )
hi the argos store they now have a rio nail art kit.......with a video, its fab......its got striper pens in, gems.......etc

do u have a local beauty wholesalers? ie sallys?
if u have u want to be getting gems, foils, nail art sealer, paints and nail art brushes, tool that allows u to do marbleing and flowers, a dotter or something its called..........glitter..........
and just play.........i use tips with blue tack underneath and just go for it.......u can also pick up lots of nail art stuff and books on ebay......just do a search and ule be surprised what comes vics
When I first started doing nail art, I had nothing except nail varnish! I did my nail art with the actual brush that came in the bottle!

I then invested in a fine artists paintbrush (cheap one, approx £1.00 from my local art shop). I got acrylic paints and found them a lot easier to paint with. does a fab tray of different nail paints.

Nail varnish in different colours etc and glitters, shimmers, metalics etc, is a good thing to have, lol! To use as your base colours or as part of your design.

Rhinestones, bullion etc adds an extra touch to nail art. usualy always have auctions for these, or try melle @

This is what I started out with, the collection has grown, but i'd say, from my experience, these are the main things to start with.


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