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May 1, 2012
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Hi There!

I hoping you lovely people can advise me on the best storage solution for the mobile business I'm planning to start. I'm starting with lash extensions but hope to build the business and end up doing tinting and eyebrow shaping, makeup, waxing and nails.

I was thinking there's no point in me buying a little storage case, only to have to get a bigger one once I expand.

Also, any other advice would be greatly appreciated:wink2:


Just a thought, but say you have lash appointment, would you want to have to take all your waxing and nail stuff with you?

Sometimes a few smaller cases maybe better than one big one?
My kit came in a case which has plenty of room for other things too. Have a look at
I have a bag for each treatment, so all my facial products and the bowls,sponges,CD'S ect are in my Facial Bag. I buy them in sales when I see a nice one, anything from a pro beauty case too a over-sized wash case from a department store as long as they look professional.
It's a real help because I used to worry 'Had I packed everything' now I know everything is in each bag. When I get home I stock each one up if I have ran out of anything or low, I remove towles and but fresh back in so I know tomorrow when I put that bag back in my car it's good to go.:lol:

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