Starting to go self employed, need HMRC advice!


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Feb 9, 2011
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Soham, Cambridgeshire
Hi Geeks,

I have handed my notice in to my full time PA job and am about to go self employed in 4 weeks.

I am so stuck with what to do with regards to tax, I currently work in a salon but tax is deducted through there for me.

How do I get the ball rolling, I obviously want to do this the right way! :o


Kirsty xx
Its easy peasy. Go to their website, and there is a specific phone number for those who are newly self employed. I found them extremely helpful.
I went on their newly self employed workshop and it was so helpful!i would advise it to anyone who is self employed or thinking about it.they cover tax,national insurance,record keeping,expenses and afew other bits.its free as well so make the most of it :)
Thanks guys that's brilliant x
U must register ur business within the 1st 3 months, keep ur p45 from ur pa job, and will u earn ur tax free allowance at ur salon job? If so, anything over that u make as profit u pay 20% tax xx
contact Business Link get on their free one day course for new businesses, contact hmrc and register, you can do that online.

keep records and receipts of EVERYTHING to do with the business!

good luck xx
Thanks ladies

My pa role is a blessing one of my meeting members is ex business link, he's been a god send!
i was also a PA to 6 Directors hun, yo will find you still use alot the principles from that job thru to running your own business and will be glad that you have that background!

good luck xx
Thanks Souz that's great! Fingers crossed x

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