Steam cuisine or crock pot?


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May 12, 2003
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I went to Currys to buy a Crock Pot, then I saw a steam cuisine. It has 3 layers so that I could heat 3 towels at once. Would this be better, or would it work just as well?

Also, I bought some white block buffers today, are they goo at blending in tips? And what do the Radical block buffers do?
Crock pot works for me ... I use face cloths instead of towels and can fit loads in a crock pot. Probably cheaper too.

I would think with the steam thing you may need to be topping up with water all the time instead of virtually forgetting about it as you can do with a CP, as it is a s..l..o..w cooker.

To try to do all your tip blending with a white block would take ages
Some people use them to do the last bit of tip blending to finish them off.

Avoid using a white block to remove surface shine. The block gets contaminated with the oil from the nail - gets to looking a bit yellow - and this defeats the object. Also you can't sanitize it and it's hard to work in the direction of nail growth with a block.

A Radical buffer is like a girlfriend high shine buffer but in a block form. Isn't as good though!!
doing the CND sPA Sanctuary, they had steamers which worked OK BUT Geeg is right, you did have to keep filling them up (drove poor Sheila insane :rolleyes: ). I know that Debbie Easter in Manchester uses a Crock and puts different oils in depending on the course (peppermint for Spa Ped and citrus oils for Spa Man) - there's an idea!!! just thought I'd add some info :rolleyes: ;)
The Crock Pot is £10 more, which isn't a problem. I think I will just have to go and have a look at the size etc. But I think the crock pot does sound better, I just thought maybe th steam cuisine would work too.
I use a crock pot for my towels and do add a few drops of oil here and there depending on the mood I want to set. One thing tho, you have to remember to either put some water at the bottom or put the towels already wet :rolleyes: just sprayed doesn't work... they need to be WET or they have a tendancy to ... lets say... burn and end up rather nasty looking!! :shock: Learnt it the hard way... :oops: :oops:
Apart from that, works a treat.
and another thing..............keep it on lowwwwwwwwwww. I forgot this little tip until the other day. I was trying to rush things because I got a late start with the setup, so I thought, and put it on high to keep the towels warm and then the client was late ~30 min. Needless to say I had to cool it down with a little cold water. lol I bet I won't forget the next time.
I`m eager to take my CP into the salon to use for my hot towels but can`t seem to get it right.......I have bought small guest towels, about the size of 2 flannels but some get toooooo hot and others not really hot enough.
I have tried so many time variations and different size towels, I have found the smaller ones work best but how do you get them to be the right heat without burning your client or getting hot and cold spots????????At the mo while I keep trying, I`m having to turn towels in the CP every few minutes which in a salon isn`t practical

I started by putting some water at the bottom of the CP: it makes the last towel you pick up extremely HOT HOT HOT and the running water is like pourig boiling water on your hands... :fire: then you have to run around the room like a lunatic waving a very hot towel before you can apply it to your client's hands/feet.... so it's a NO NO.

Then I tried to moisten them with a spray... they ended up CRISP and DRY!! :shock: ... and rather nasty looking... so ... not so good either....

Now, all I do is run them under the tap so they are soaked, then twist them so I get rid of almost all the water but leave a bit in (it should not drip of the towel tho) and put them in the CP on SLOW... Seems to work well.

I use white face cloths for the hands and dark green guest towels for the feet and have a very large CP so I can have them all in there having a sauna at the same time. :D
Hi Girls....please can you enlighten me about this what point would you use hot towels for manicure or pedi???

Sorry to be a thickie, but it sounds great, so i would like to know what i have to do.

Many Thanks
During the Creative SpaManicure treatment, I use warm moist towels, after the client has been in paraffin or hot mits, to remove any excess cream and to sooth before the massage. Also to clean off any excess before applying polish.
geeg said:
During the Creative SpaManicure treatment, I use warm moist towels, after the client has been in parafin or hot mits, to remove any escess cream and to sooth before the massage. Also to clean off any excess before applying polish.

Would you do the same for Pedicure???

I have not been on the creative training for manu / pedi yet...i love all their products for nails, would you recommend their products for manicures and pedicures?

Many thanks
The SpaPedicure and SpaManicure products are...amazing! They smell gorgeous and the results are just fantastic!!! :D Very releaxing for the client and I love performing the service with the products too!

I apply towels when I use the Marine Masque in the pedicure, and when I use the Exfoliating Crystals//Crystal Activator in the manicure...but thats just me! It is suggested to wrap the hands/feet in towels when using these products, I just wrap warmed towels around them. Mmmm heaven!

Can someone please tell me what a crock pot is?!! :?
Is it just a bog standard slow cooker?
Im just starting out and love the idea of steamed towels for my mani's and pedi,s but have only seen salon sized steamers for about £200!

Also where can I get one from? ;)
A crockpot is just another name for a slowcooker, and I use them in my classes when teaching Spa Manicure/Pedicure. They add a really nice touch to the service and if you cut up lemons and limes and place them in between the damp towels, when you open up the cooker to use the towels the aroma fills the room. (just remember to take them out and wash the inside of the slow cooker after each client because if you forget, you end up with what looks like the remains of a Saturday night takeaway!!! You can buy slowcookers from places like Pounstretcher, Argos or Currys and they are really cheap!! Worth it!
Debbie Easter
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A crock pot sounds like the next purchase for me!

The lemon and limes idea sounds great - especially as the spamanicure has a citrusy theme.
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