straight hair with volume probs


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Nov 19, 2007
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wallersy - england
hi this is my first post so im not so sure what im doing so bare with me!

i have hair thats slightly curley and frizy hair but i doesnt have much volume
i straighten it to get it straight but it gets rid of the volume but all the volume products iv tryd dont work well or are for hair with curls at the bottom witch i dont want as im trying to get rid of the curls

is ther any products that will give me a lot of volume but not prevent my hair going straight??

Howdy , Welcome to salon geek there was a thread recently on here about professional hairdressers loving their straightening blow drys and the way it made the clients hair full of body and bounce whilst the the straighteners can tend make the hair limp with no bounce or body .

The solution was these hairdressers are providing lovely bouncy straight but full of volume blow drys.
(I notice you are a hairdresser but is still better if someone else doing it )
So instead of doing it yourself,

go to the professionals maybe in your place of work ?

and ask can they do a nice straightening blow dry full of bounce and body .
Paul Mitchell and Wella do some nice straightening products.

You could try a few salons until you find that someone who does that great blow dry full of bounce that you love.

They will also tell you what products you will need to support it.
It should last you for the week depending on the weather and how greasy it gets .

Or if you want to you could just have it done for special occasions and pick up a few hints and tips along the way for your in between styling good luck :hug: minky x

these days people tend to leave their hair to dry naturally then straighten once it is dry so these leaves the limp look.....
a good round brush good product such as clynol thickening cream which you apply to wet hair at the roots then blow dry, it is difficult to blow dry your own hair but it is worth it then you can put the straighteners will still have good root lift and plus if you blow dry your hair straight first, then run the straighteners through you will only need to do this twice a week, as it will last...
use clynol thickeng cream is great for this....or even a good mousse......blast dry making sure you lift your hair up at the roots, then blow dry the rest straight..with e.g a paddle brush if this is easier, then you can finish off with your straighteners....
its so hard doing it on yourself , i have trouble and my hair is short...
paul mitchell super skinny shampoo and serum should helps you out. otherwise look at the ghd thermodynamics range the heat protecors and obedience cream are a couple of good products
a good brush blow dry is what i say is best!! lol

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