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Aug 6, 2010
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Hi was wondering if any of you beauty girls have ever had weird emails from men regarding your services ?

Tonight i had a bloke mail me asking for a spray tan on sunday , thankfully it was out of my area but he just kept on about wanting to be fully naked and kept on saying it in every email . i told him i couldnt do it then he was saying he could come to me !!
really freaked me out !
i just emailed 'no sorry' back and he came back with 'ok thanks anyway , with spray tanning does general nudity take place ?'
i ignored this email .
I feel really freaked out , am i over exagerating ??
I woudn't be overly sometimes get pervy men asking questions like that but you were firm and said no so don't worry.....i have had many men ask about massage and spray tanning and some ask about being naked but my policy is that i don't do treatments on men so i say that and they are always okay. lisa
I'm not at all surprised by this, never carry out a treatment on anyone that takes you out of your comfort zone. Some pervy people will always try it on! Sad but true :eek:

I do carry out all treatments on Men, but I am so matter of fact & business like and don't blush or bat an eyelid if they make some off the cuff remark that they soon go quiet & probably feel rather foolish.

Some of the spray tans I do, are carried out on the client naked (male or female) I offer the client the option of a disposable thong, their own dark undies or naked. I don't get embarrassed & because I am confident then I think that makes them feel "natural and normal"

I do insist that Men wear undies for massage as it keeps it all tucked away, when you are working on the top of the legs near to inner thighs! I hope that raises a smile :)

Sian Rogers

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I have only ever once spray tanned a man naked and it was because i knew his wife, she was in the room, and he was doing the full monty for a charity event lol. I would always ask a man to keep his boxers on though and if they are really wanting a tan they will do it! I get men phoning for massages all the time, you can tell who are genuinely wanting a massage and who are trying it on. Always make sure you have someone else in salon or if you are by yourself pretend that another therapist is in doing a treatment. xx
I have also been hassled from men regarding spray tans. Exactly the same thing as you...I got a text asking if I spray tan men. Then within a minute, I got another one saying that he wanted an all over tan and wanted to be naked. He was texting me for hours trying to get me to agree to him being naked. I eventually said yes but said that I would be training another member of staff - secretly hoping that it would put him off. But no, he said that was fine and made an appointment.

Because he booked via text, I didn't know what to expect. I was hoping that maybe he was a model / stripper / body builder etc, but the not knowing was the worst bit. When he walked in, he was a 48yr old grey haired man. Definately didn't want the tan for work purposes.

After he left, he text me to book another one but then started asking about massages, saying that he would like to be naked. I said no straight away. Then during the week that he was due in, I had a text from him (luckily I had saved his number as Naked Man) it said, do you spray tan men. I then realised that this man must do this for his own pleasure. He must want as many people to see him naked.

I have now decided not to carry out any treatments on men that we don't know.

I just feel uncomfortable seeing it all hanging out. I am happy to spray naked women but not men.

If you feel a bit uncomfortable, then say no from the start. I made the mistake of texting this man back.

Hope that helps.

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