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Nov 28, 2009
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Hi does anyone know where I can get some Juicy Couture and Pauls Boutique nail decals or stickers? Ive had a couple of younger clients ask for them and i said i'd have a look xxx
You could make something with a printer and some water decal paper, don't know where you would stand with copy write though lol .
You can get them on ebay x
Ooooo not sure i'm that good to make them, I've tried on ebay too and cant find any x
Find a seller on ebay who sells a lot of different designs and ask them to make you some to sell to you, all it is is printing a design onto the decal paper isn't it.
You can get some on Ebay like Ed Hardy designs. They look nice and might go down well with these clients xXx
Thanks everyone, shes had the Ed Hardy ones so i'll try and contact someone to see if they will do them!
Thanks again xx

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