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Jan 12, 2003
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Wolverhampton, W. Mids.
I'm off to Excel on Sunday :bouncy: :bouncy: and in between trying to spot all my fellow geekettes I thought I may do a spot of shopping!
I want a black salon top with mandarin collar, I read somewhere of a company who does them in in stretch fabric but, I cant for the life of me remember who it was. Do any of you know who makes them/have one? Thanx.
Hmmm, I know that Buttercups have a wide range but I don't know whether they have stretch fabric. What is a Mandarin Collar?
hi i dont know where else you can get the uniforms other than at buttercups but a mandarin collar is like what they have on chinese style dresses hope this helps

I know Cordcourt do a stretch fabric tunic with a mandarin collar in either navy or white (£45.95). I have a couple of their stretch tunics and capri pants that I bought at Olympia and they are great, wash brilliantly - no ironing involved :D , and very comfy.

Unfortunately they are not going to be at Excel (I phoned to check before ordering last week) but their phone no is 0161 724 8333.

Hope this helps.

Shaza B
Have you tried Roby?


Not sure if they're stretchy, but they've got mandarin collars!!!

All the CND team will be in black uniforms and we get everything from 'In-Line'; they are very good too! 8)
hi all

talking about uniforms

i have put on a few pounds and i feel my old white tunic top is now tatty and doesnt stay clean

so i have gone out a bought a black top and had my name printed on the pocket on front and across the back

the t-shirt is black and the font is white bought sum cropped linen black trousers to go with it and i think it looks great

what do you girls think ?

you can view on my website


hayley x
I was just having a thought. I love black uniforms but I find them quite impratical with nail dust. I find that it always makes me look 'dirty'!!!!!! At least with white it doesn't show up the dust!!!! What do you all think?

Oh, I ordered my uniform from Dream Workwear which is at http://www.workwearworld.co.uk/catalog/default.php.
hi kel

yeh i know what you mean about the dust
but you only have to dust it off and its gone
least u cant see polish stains on black lol

i wear my t shit and i love it real casual

plus im advertising my buisness by wearing it

with my website on the back in white font !

i think it looks cool and trendy

i feel alot more comfortable than i used to in my white tunic

also at least now they dont think i work in a hospital LOL

hayley x
hi, i have a black oriental salon jacket from florence roby. its lovely material that i teamed with black skirt or clack 3/4 trousers. it has a mandarin colour. the nail dust does show up so i brought some disposable aprons from ellisons and if i'm doing a lot of filing pop it over the top viola!!
thanx for all the above help, am waiting for my Roby brochure and got a Buttercups one through the post today - some nice stuff!
Does anyone know which uniform companies will be at Excel, I did have a floor plan but I'm a bit ditzy and cant find it.
Also if anyone has bought uniforms from a show - were there facillities to try it on. Thanx :)
Hi all

I love wearing the oriental tunics. Yesterday i wore my black mandarin collar uniform yesterday through town, now i am half japanese and i got a lot of funny looks and stares off kids. They must of thought i had just come out of a kung fu movie it made me chuckle to myself

Little do they know i am a Creative nail tech geek he he

Cazza :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Mrs Geek (or anyone) does In-line have a web address? are they going to be at excel?
Got to get me one of those 'kung-fu' outfits now - eh Cazza :D
Glorsclaws said:
Mrs Geek (or anyone) does In-line have a web address? are they going to be at excel? :D

I don't know for sure but all I can say is they are normally at ExCeL!! They advertise in Pro Beauty I think so if you have a copy look them up for their info - I don't know their web but we could guess at www.in-line.co.uk or www.inline.co.uk or www.inline.com??? have a go ;)
Hi Geekettes

Go to www.inlinelondon.co.uk

Thank you to Mrs Geek for telling us about your Creative uniforms, you all look so damned smart in them.
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