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Feb 8, 2003
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Ok, as you all know ive just trained in creative l & P - AND i did warn you all about silly questions.
Im off to disney - wheyhey- in two weeks and i am wearing white tipsw with fabric# - well on two i had split the corner off so i took the bull by the horns and just sculpted - first ever attempt- the two corners on - i was pretty impressed - for me. now im not at any standard to 'sell' this service yet but i would like a little lenght and nice nails for my hols but is a tipp then l &P stronger than sculpting the white!! and why &how and when????


I personaly much prefer to sculpt as I find it stronger. This is because more (all!) of the natual nail is exposed to the gel/L&P which creates the bond! I find if you knock a tip the whole thing goes where as if you knock a sculpt, if anything, just the corner etc will go! It is fidely at first but keep practising & it will get easier!

Good luck!

Jade x

i agree with jade, i much prefer to wear sculptures, i am so heavy handed :rolleyes: and i love the new flawless pink powder from creative as i can lengthen my nail beds and make my fingers look less porky!!! lol :p
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