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Aug 10, 2004
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I had a client yesterday booked in for a lip and chin wax. I could see that she had quite a problem. She told me that she had been taking some medication for her epilepsy and this was one of the side effects. She had since been switched to another medication by her G.P but the problem had continued. I could see I was in trouble before I even started the treatment, as the client was clutching the sides of the couch in terror (even though she has been having this area waxed for 3 years at another salon) she told me that she couldn't get on with the other salon as she was uncomfortable with the therapist. Then she asks 'could you give me a general anaesthetic?' The hair was so coarse and tough I couldn't remove them all, her chin was going quite red so I couldn't keep going over it!! I decided to tweeze the remaining hairs - 'I've never had a pair of tweezers near me in my life' she says!!!!!! 'Don't worry' I say as I go in quick to remove the offending hairs before she can get in a further panic. She was quite happy when she left and even gave me a tip but I wasn't satisfied with what I had done really. Any advice guys on how to tackle really tough facial hair?
p.s She was last waxed 8 weeks ago
Thanking you in advance
That poor woman. It must be a really frustrating problem to have.

I probably wouldn't attempt it again and would refer her on to some1 really good for electrolysis. The particularly miserable thing, of course, is that you have to wait for enough regrowth with waxing and if the client bleaches it while they wait for it to grow, they can weaken the hair and it just breaks off when you try to wax it!

Got 1 friend in this situation (hair on lip and chin darker and stronger than my fella's :( ) tho and even electrolysis wasn't enough - advised her to go for a laser consultation and she was told it'll prob only cost her about £500 to get rid permanently!! Gotta be worth it.
I think if she was having so much trouble with waxing then electrolysis may be too painful too, besides that, its so much more money too and may not be an option for her.
I think the best thing you can do for her is to reassure her and make her comfortable then tweeze them out. Chins are such an awkward area to wax as the hairs do grow in different directions anyway so tweezing may be more beneficial. Use plenty of pre-wax to help with the pain she may have, and get some after wax on asap for her. HTH
If the medication caused this, could she not get laser treatment or electrolysis done on the N.H.S?
I really feel for you client on this one, such a shame!
I had laser treatment done a couple of years ago ... and I hate it when I keep seeing it referred to as permenant it def IS NOT!
The hairs stay away for the longest period than any other treatment Ive tried but alas they do come back.
It cost me a small fortune to have my lower legs done .. and that was with freebie sessions thrown in by the trainer as she used me as her model to train Electrolosists (sp).
I still have to shave my legs as much today as I ever did!

Try lighty dusting her chin with purified talc, (something we always do in the salon especially the eyebrows). You may get better adhesion. Also look at your wax brand some are better than others at adhering.
i have my chin done you couldnt tell (ONLY A FEW WHISKERS) but i dont have it done by the old fashoined method of electrolysis, i have the new machine ( i must find out the name of it !) it is pain free, it is done by a good salon near to where i live and i have been having it done for about three years now and the hairs are slowing deteriorating it does take time but as to opposed to having it done once every three three weeks it is now every 6 - 7 weeks i always feel 4 clients that have facial hair being a victim myself. one thing i have learnt is never pluck it dosen't work!
Hiya Luv....terrible experience for ya...but I have to agree wiv Tracey!
Look at making your wax adhere more, I use a light dusting of talc on most facial areas. It does help....honest!
Also, as Tracey says.....look at the wax you use. there are definite advantages in trying different would be suprised at the different capablities and performances of warm waxes!
I have opted for Professional Beauty's wonderfully scented and superbly performing Lavendar Wax.............just my opinion! (oh.....and it is a lovely lilac colour too!!!!) :) bear in mind that some clients will be more hyper-sensitive than others...........all you can do there is work on gaining their will come with time!

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