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Mar 13, 2013
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Hi geeks

I know this question has been asked a million times but I am really desperate. I can't seem to pick a name for my nail business and its stressing me out. I can't use my name because plp find it hard to pronounce it.
The one names I have is Polished, CUTEicles and Glitter n Polish.

Can anyone suggest any others?
I will only be doing nails for now
Although I'm almost a year away from qualifying I've already started thinking about a business name.....I'm studying nail technology, but want to add a few treatments as I get a feel for what clients want, so I would say if you're thinking of doing the same try not to make the name to exclusive to nails if that makes sense? Or perhaps a name like 'polished nails' Then you could add 'polished nails and beauty' or polished beauty' if u decide to add more services?

I love CUTicules :) (I've probably spelt that wrong) I'm a hairdresser sorry :) xx
i really like CUTEicles too.

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