Stuck with tipping?


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Hi ya Hun,
I would stick with gelbond.................
L&P takes ages to stick..............Gelbond is fab for problem nails too.........
Ski jumpnails and severley bitten nails, uneven nail air bubbles.........
So stick with that, I do !!!!

love Ruth xxxx
well, it can be done :? but you run a substantially higher risk of over-exposure to your clients. Also, it takes a lot longer to set - here's a cool story!! 8)
Once upon a time I needed a full-set and Geeg had to pull out the stops on board a ferry to Holland on the way to a conference (talk about timing) - anyway, we realised we had no gelbond and so she used pink l+p to stick the tips on (that's where she got the idea for Pink Gelbond which incidently is dedicated to her :shock: ) it took ages to set!!! Also harder to get a tighter snug fit of the tip to the nail plate as it tends to stand slightly prouder due to the l+p bulk!! Hope this answers your question!! ;)


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Apr 5, 2003
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I have read from other nail techs that they use l & p to stick the tip to the free edge of the nail instead of an adhesive :!:

Does anyone else do this :?:

Are there any benefits about doing this as the adhesive cannot break down :?:

I'd be interested in anyone's comments/experiences?

Or should i just 'stick' :D with a product like 'gelbond' :?:
I remember seeing a photo on someone's website, can't remember who though :?
The clients nails were soooo badly bitten, really short, and also chewed away on top of the nails, making them seriously difficult to apply anything at all!!
I think the tech built up a bit with l&p to make a kind of base to start on and then used l&p to adhere the tips. (hope I remembered correctly!!)
The nails were checked every few days until they grew into a fortnightly appointment!

Maybe the tech will see this message and show the pics? Ohhh go oonn!

Luv Sarah xx
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