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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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? One of my friend has weak and badly chewed up cuticles (irritated) and would like to have acrylic french nail tips to make her nails harder and longer. As of now I am not qualified to make her acrylic nails and thought of offering advise on how to improve the strenght of her nails and to heal her irritated cuticles. Although I am a beginner I really feel that she would profit more from having healthier nails to begin with not to mention that in the state her nails are it would spoil the look no matter how well they're done. Is there a product I can recommend and use with an ordinary manicure, that would improve her nails and later when I have my license I can do her acrylic nails and by that time her nails will have improved.
Hi ya 'Kat's Claws' Welcome to the board. I'm a newbie to all this too but I know that there is a product by Creative Nail Design called C:u3 Renu that is good for:

repairing dry, peeling or ripped skin around the cuticle area, especiallly torn hangnails. It is enriched with panthenol and aloe to moisturise, copper that boosts the skins natural ability to heal and allantion to protect skin from damaging envirionmental elements.

This may help along with regular manicures. Solar oil is also very good for moistursing and keeping in good condition the cuticles but they are reeeeeally bad then try the C:u3 Renu

I've not as yet had need to try it on anyone but as a newbie I've not yet experienced a vast variety of nails. However someone else might beable to confirm that this may be helpful.

Hope this helps.

No doubt she will be disapointed but I'm confident that she will see the sense in improving her natural nails and as a newbie I am carefull about educating my customers and giving sounds advise. In the long run I'm sure she will come to trust my judgement and establish a trusted professional relationship.

TY for the recomendation

Kat's claws D
As I'm not yet qualified to do nail enhancements I can't say that your client can't have them. I'm sure there will be someone else who can advise on this.

I'm glad I've been of use however and I'm sure that getting her nails and cuticles in good condition will help.

You'll find that this board is a wealth of information and there will be tons of good advice for any questions you ask! Don't hesitate to ask. I've always found it very useful and constructive.

Tamm ;)
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