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Dec 10, 2012
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Iv just trained in hair extensions. I have 5 models to practise on. My trainer advised me I need to do a few sets in order to test the quality and how long the hair lasts.
I'm unsure which supplier to go with. Studio 58 or SJK.
Any recommendations would be great
Thanks x
They both have a lot of fans on here, your best bet is to use 5 different hair , so 1studio head, 1sjk aaa head, 1 sjk krystal, 2 different suppliers .. try to get different budgets and textures for each one if possible.

Try halo, foxy, beautyworks, angelremy, hairport, loads of suppliers


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Iv been comparing prices.
Which is better quality;
SJK luxury remy or studio 58 double drawn decadence? x
you can try hair rebellion if you are professional you will get discount with them
I wouldn't go on price alone, it sometimes doesn't go the way you'd think. I've had good and bad experiences, but only order certain things with certain companies. I primarily use studio 58 and SJK sometimes. I will stress that even though they are practice sets it's very important to make sure they use the correct products on their hair. Aftercare is very important xx
Does your models hair dictate the choice by weight or colour match? ie. Can her hair take 1.1g sjk or be better with 0.8g studio. Studio & sjk colours dont all match (I believe?) if shes a single colour.

If theres no issues either way would your model be happy having half/half? That would be a great way to compare

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That's a good idea.
I know there is definitely a model who's hair can take the SJK 1.1g so will do that.
Thanks x
Personally I offer both s58 and sjk but i only use the krystal quartz in sjk but its situational - some clients are better with the lighter hair.

I have had both sets in and for price in my opinion, you will be hard pushed to beat the quality and thickness of s58 but i do have a set of sjk quartz in myself now and its beautiful, i offer this as my medium ranged brand.
Thanks for your opinion.
I'm going to order both colour rings tomorrow and go from there x

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