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May 21, 2010
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i did my wax training the other day and for the life of me i can't remember what i was told for a female bikini - i can remember how to get all the hair off for a hollywood and a brazilian (and i have my manual to refer to :D) but good god i'm confused about the plain jane bikini!

what am i taking off and where?! am i getting the client to do the frog position with her legs and then putting a strip of wax down the crease of the leg to the well to the bum on the bed area (the bit you hold to stretch the skin so you can pull off the wax)? if i ask Kim i'm scared she'll just tell me to whip it all off and tell 'em it's much better like this and send 'em on their way! lmfao :D

i can't believe of all the things to be stuck on i'm stuck on what to remove - application of wax and how to do it etc etc i can remember just fine.

thank you for any advice and i appologise if you have just had food. x
A basic bikini is just the area outside the knicker line. An extended bikini would go in a bit further. Ask your client if they want it straight or angled as everyone is different.
Get them to keep one leg straight and with the other leg, get them to put their foot into the knee of the other leg. Does that make sense?? I'm rubbish at explaining things-lol
This will be easier to get right down to the 'bum on the bed area', as you so eloquently put it :lol::lol:
lmao! i'm showing my true classy lady colours :D in all honesty i couldn't even think of how else to phrase it apart from bum on bed area! so one leg like a frog/number 4 and then i'm removing what comes out of knickers and then down to bum on bed area but not going as far in as bum crack and not going inside as you would for a full braz./hollywood? have i got that right? i'll be like the first waxer in history to be arrested due to a complaint of sexual harasment :| thank you for your help!! x

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