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Jul 19, 2015
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Client came in today wanting 2 bleach 1 colour half head foils. During consulstation she said she had put sun in on her hair the day before. We are a no appointment salon, so suggested she returned tomorrow after I did some checks to see if it would be possible to go ahead with the service without adverse reactions. I took a cutting and tested for metallic salts, all ok. I've heard not good things about sun in can anyone advise me?
I would tread carefully. If there's no reaction for metallic salts I'd probably do it, with a really low peroxide and olaplex. I wouldn't want anyone in between and be watching it like a hawk...
Agree with Tori on this. Tread very cautiously and keep a close eye at all times checking for heat.

The client will have sprayed the stuff on by herself so coverage is unlikely to be even.
Usually, we take test cuttings from the back & underneath in areas where it won't be so noticeable.
Unfortunely, it's also an area that the client might not have sprayed very thoroughly.
Thanks so much for replying I called Loreal help line this morning and they advised me not to do it as they have had occasions where the hair has dissolved!
I wouldn't do it X
I can't believe the shops are still allowed to sell Sun In. I used to see so many people come in the salon with their hair destroyed by the stuff (not recently, but hoards of them about 20 years ago. Think it was the "in thing"). Anyway, I would only cut and treat hair that's had Sun In on it, always refused further colour procedures. I would do the same now if asked.

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