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Apr 27, 2004
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hi has anyone recieved there kit ?? wats it like??
ive got a sample of the tan so i let u know wat i think of the colour x
i dont no wether to go with this one or the iwata one??
hi i got mine yesterday and it is a bit odd at first,with it being so big ,i did my legs which were a bit streaky coz i was too near but they dont look too bad, even my toes are ok, have to say though i do like the feel of a airbrush better but that could because i am used to one, hope this helps love dee
probably been asked before and I know it's not nails :eek: ..sorry! but who has tried the '£99' sundrench kit and what do you think of it? Just interested for my daughter and myself not for salon.
hi if u look on the wanted forum there is a thread called wanted sudo tanning system , there is loads of posts on there about the sundrench system , hope this helps ,love dee
is it heavy ?? too big to go mobile???
hi no its not heavy at all, a bit on the noisy side but you could definatly take it mobile,
thats good is there loads over spray????
hi cant really say coz i only did my legs, i got a bit on the towel on the floor coz i tipped it over and a little bit leaked but i managednot to get it all over :) lol
lol:biggrin: id prob end up doin that another question if u spill it or use it on your tiles does it wash off???

is it water soluble??
thanxs 4 your feedback
have u heard of the iwata one ???
thanks Dee I read that thread but wondered if anyone else had tried it :) are you talking about the £599 model in this post?
hi tracey its the £99 one
well i tried it in my treatment room, and put the towels on the carpet and what i spilt came out of the towel, mind u they wernt white, they were terracotta but i purposly looked and cant see any stains, about tils i think it should wash off, as on the bottle it says it dont stain clothes i am gonna have to get some peeps to let me do em and see what sort of mess i make (on the floor) not them lol :) , hope this helps love dee
ok thanxs dee let me know h9ow u get on ???
Wish you werent so far away dee, you could try it on me, i am too considering getting the sundrench but have no confidence in being able to apply it evenly or anything so may need to take a course or if anyone who currently does airbrush tanning can assist me i would be extremely grateful x x x x
hi kelly well theres a women near me havent met her yet but shes doin a course in july so she said she would help me may be if i buy it or you do we could get together
Hi em, yeah that would be great hoping to purchase the kit in July, i did enquire about the tanning course at brentwood and she said they will probably have another one in August so may even give that ago as well.
Hi guys, just called sundrench and they are sending me out a brochure and a sample they are really helpful so if anyone is in two minds like me then it may be worth ringing them for a sample x
I rang to order mine today but because I am in Ireland the P&P is £50 :cry: so the sales rep sais that she would ring a couple of other shipping firms and see if she can get a better price for me...... is that service or what. I havenet even placed an order and am please with the customer care :lol:

I have never done tannign before, do you thing I could get away with buting the sundrench £99 and not do any training ????
hi is there any people in the essex area doin a course in spray tanning or have brought sundrench and we could all meet up and pick up some hints etc
dee said:
i am gonna have to get some peeps to let me do em and see what sort of mess i make (on the floor) not them lol :)

If you struggle for models let me know I'm near Coniston Hall, I am soooooo white and my legs dont tan at all ever!!

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