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Oct 14, 2014
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Hey guys
So the s2 website has changed is this right!? Logged on to usual home screen saved icon and was all new!!! What's everyone's thoughts on the new layout??
Took me longer than normal to place my order today........ I don't like it! Found the old site much easier & nicer to navigate!
Like everything new it can take a while to get used to I guess and discover where everything is hiding lol
I've only used it on my phone so far but I love that it's now mobile friendly!
I preferred the old site but I'm old and don't like change ...if it's not broken don't fix it but everything moves with the times for the better it's just me that don't lol but I'm sure I'll get used to it and start liking it at some point x
Hi .....I have nt been on sweetsquared for a while ...the site is all different .....does nt seem as easy as before .....all been updated ? .......xx

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Yes the new site was lunched just this week. As with everything new it can take time to find what you're looking for and get used to it.
Thanks pure was a bit confused ..x
It's a bit tricky but by searching for Shellac colours and products by name I found it quite straight forward... If I hadn't known all the exact names of what I wanted it was a pain in the butt tbh... I'm usually quite techy but it didn't seem to like me lol

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