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Oct 3, 2011
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Hey guys, just want some of your input on this. I've been a professional spray tanner for 18months now. I trained with Fake Bake and I've been using Fake Bake ever since but it's such a pain to get hold of! Recently noticed that capital are now selling Sienna X and was thinking of using that (as well as Fake Bake as some of my clients would prefer Fake Bake). Sienna X do loads of good products like the shimmer spray etc and in still a bit undecided as I don't know if it will be worthwhile...
What do you think? X
Just seen a comment on here about Sienna 8% and said it was horrible and orange!
I use Sienna X and have never had problems, all my clients comment on how lovely and natural it looks, and that the fade off is nice x
I use sienna x and my clients love the colour the smell, everything about it! I know that sounds really biased but it's true x
I use fake bake & sienna x. Fake bake is far more popular. I just got sienna in for people who like that slightly darker tan it's been popular enough but a lot still go back to fake bake in the end as they prefer the wear off & the overall colour.
As much as there's never much on here about Fakebake I love it and it would take something major to switch me I know they can be a pain to order from but I just make sure I order ahead of being desperate for it! The only tan that has caught my eye not significantly enough to switch but certainly food for thought is nouvatan!
Thanks everyone. I think I'm just gonna stick with Fake Bake. I just got drawn in when I saw Sienna X in capital and all the really nice things they do. There's not alot of Fake Bake therapists in my area so I don't really have that much competition which is good. There's LOADS of Sienna X in the area xx
I think you've made the right decision Hun, hope everything works out for you!

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