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Jun 11, 2007
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Hi Geeks

I would like to invest in a T100, If any of you Geeks on here have one Would you be kind enough to let me have a look at how it works in action.

It may sound a bit cheeky but I have spent so much money on different spray tan machines over the years.

I have just purchased a one yesterday not the T100 at a cost of £100 pounds, Im not sure if it's me but I tested it on my mum and Icompletly soaked her with it, and Quite a lot of over spray too.

This is scary for me as i'ts left me wondering, dare I use this system on paying clients, also the noise is herendous.

So I am left wondering, Was it me? was it the Hvlp system ?

I have always used the su-do compressor.

I am in Leeds I would pay for any solution used

Thank you so much for all you help:hug:

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