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I'm in the middle of getting my back done ni have the shading of my bird to go (it's on the bottom right and side of my back, I don't have a full pic yet). A kingfisher is going on the bottom left and side and Japanese maple leaves in the background to bring it all together. Oh the gap on the top right is for my parrot to be put. :) so far it's taken 24 hours but love it
Vicki xImageUploadedBySalonGeek1412604345.823446.jpgImageUploadedBySalonGeek1412604356.922060.jpg


Got my shoulder done on Saturday, thanks to the help of a fellow geek with the translation! ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1412673225.187690.jpg

Nikki May

Just on my way for laser removal so my new one can go in its place. So excited. But got to wait for ages to get the new tattoo

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My newest. I love her!!

Edit ok that's not working. Gah stupid phone!

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Try again!!

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I have quite a few tattoos one on my forearm and another on my wrist, does anyone think clients might be put off by having tattoos on show?

Obviously they are more common these days but I know their not to everyones taste but I know some people and business' find them unprofessional, anyone found this? X


This is an amazing piece of work !! Great cover up and the colours are so vibrant !!

Where did you go? Judging by you saying you get your piercings done there aswell I would say blancolo? Xx
Thats me just saw this!
Nope not blancolo! Oswald Street Tattoo Club !
been to blancolo for a piercing before would never go back was done squint and not really friendly! Oswald street on the other hand I LOVE it in there i'm never away from the shop lol! best and friendliest staff ever x x x