Teaching other half to Spray tan


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Nov 1, 2010
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I have recently started spray tanning and want to teach hubby as I don't really want to pay when I have the kit in my dining room.

he had a shot at the weekend and I did end up a bit streaky...think he was moving with the gun too slow on my arms.

So am i being realistic that he will able to do it by my Christmas night out??? Or should I just book in myself.....
My boyfriend sprays me, it only took him about 4 attempts for me to be happy first time, i normally get him to spray me then i go and check in mirror that im covered sufficiently, last couple of times he was spot on, just shout and nag your instructions whilst he sprays you lol :lol:

AJ x
If ever the husband and I came close to divorcing, it was shortly after my spray tan training in 2008 ......

I just kind of expected him to not only be happy to spray tan me to my heart's content, but to pick it up and become an expert in a very short space of time.

Sadly, I cooked my goose with my unrealistic expectations (and I was, apparently, guilty of constant criticism) and after a few goes he stormed off saying he's never, ever going to spray tan me or anyone else ever again ...... and he never has, despite my begging on several occasions ...

So my advice is ..... be gentle with your man .... remember how I so regret my bootcamp teaching style and give a ridculous amount of praise each and every time he tans you, even if you're a bit streaky.

Very jealously yours

They can be trained! Mine is ok now, he doesn't like doing it but he has no choice ha ha ha!
Spray yourself, it's not as hard as you think..Iv'e done it a few times now takes a bit of moving in funny ways...but always looks good

Then get hubby just to do your back :)
I have trained my hubby :) The first attempt was awful, but they have to start somewhere and it isn't as easy to train with the gun pointing at you lol.
For a while he had a little trouble with hands and feet, but he is great at it now :) xx
my partner also trained too haha :)
My partner taught me :) but she is considered a spray tan guru lol
I tanned her today, and I thought it was perfect but she still b***ed me for dabbing the mitt to hard :cry:
I got my husband to do me the night b4 my holiday big mistake very streaky never again. Next move was to train best friend who is a hairdresser much better lol x

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